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We are not at fault for our sexual conditioning, but we are responsible for it.

In Part 2 of my interview on the @sexvangelicals podcast, Episode #68:Deadly Sexual Sin #5 (According to the Church): Don't Watch Porn, I talk more about the sexual and erotic conditioning that we get from many sources throughout our lives. ⁠

Julia, Jeremiah, and I talk about the ways in which we owe it to ourselves and our sexual partners to be curious about the conditioning we received in early experiences (including pornography) that may have impacted the types of bodies, genders, sexual expressions that we find erotic. ⁠

Some of it is our erotic blueprint, yes. But some of it is simply the mainstream, socially "accepted" bodies, sexual practices, gender expressions, etc. that we have consumed over the course of a lifetime that have woven themselves into our consciousness and into our bedrooms. ⁠

We are responsible for not allowing that conditioning to determine the course of our eroticism. We have to be intentional, curious, and nonjudgemental with ourselves and, eventually, with our partners about this and decide if there are elements about that conditioning that we want to shift. ⁠

Trust me, your sex life will be better for it. And so will you.⁠


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