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When you shame or mock your child's sexual curiosity or actions...

You are not protecting them from the elements of sex that are scary, you're simply letting them know that if sex does become scary or confusing, they may not be able to rely on you for support.

Providing our children a safe place to ask questions (even when you have to look up the answers or ask a sex education savvy friend) isn't JUST about educating them. ⁠

It is about keeping them safe if they come in contact with an experience that doesn't seem quite right to their burgeoning instincts.⁠

If we mock, shame, express disgust, or disappointment, even at young ages (when so many sex ed programs are being shuttered by far fight groups), we are effectively shutting off communication for years to come. ⁠

MOST importantly,⁠

They will not learn how to trust their instincts about their bodies and their sexuality. Kids learn how to do this by asking questions and comparing what they thought with what they learn from you during those conversations. ⁠

Do you want to be a part of their healthy development? Or do you want to contribute to a life of not trusting their relational instincts?⁠

Shutting down communication also means:⁠

They may not come to you if they are touched inappropriately.⁠

They may not come to you if they are confused about information they hear from friends.⁠

They may not come to you when they want to start dating and have questions.⁠

They may be more likely to sneak around when they do want to date.⁠

They may not come to you if they are assaulted.⁠

They may not come to you if they get pregnant or impregnate someone.⁠

Be part of the solution. You don't have to know everything. You merely have to be willing to be curious with your kids and not shut them down with your own anxiety or discomfort.⁠

❤️‍🩹 Have a little dose of truth. It'll taste good. ❤️‍🩹⁠


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