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Should you beg a loved one to listen?

Have you ever wanted to have a conversation after a hurtful event with a loved one only to be blown off? Have you found yourself saying "I just want to understand why." or "I have to tell them how I feel about what they did."⁠

But all you've gotten is silence?⁠ Here's the hard truth:

If they are avoiding the conversation, it's likely because they know they hurt you.

If you were the one that inflicted the hurt, they would make sure you knew.

Not sure how this is going to hit you but it may be because they know that they have done something very wrong and they are either not capable or not willing to own up to it.⁠

Either way, you can't work harder at healing the relationship than they are.⁠

Your job now may be to simply make peace with what you may have done to contribute to the problem in the relationship and learn for yourself how to avoid doing that again in the future. You at least owe that to yourself. ⁠

If it's that they simply needed time before they responded to you, then you'll be that much more prepared to contribute to the healing conversation that may need to happen.⁠

But don't ever beg anyone to love you. You deserve better than that. ❤️⁠


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